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Category Archives: thoughts

The Dressmaker’s Story

Driving home from a Zen retreat in the Northern California in October we took the scenic route, something I’d not done before.
The road goes in through the redwoods and back out at the sea. As you get closer to Santa Rosa there are little towns. Little means 3 shops and maybe a cafĂ©. One of […]

Touching Things for Luck

Last week I decided to take pictures of all my bronze sculptures, at least the ones I can get to easily. So one thing I did was go down to the park to photograph the first set of pieces I ever did (around 10 years ago), the life cycle of the Pacific Chorus frog.
Every once […]

The Loot

I have watched the number that represents my money get smaller. And while I’ve heard myself uttering cries of distress and betrayal, occasional heretical thoughts pass through my mind as well about the current state of affairs and what it really means and what I might ought to be doing or have done. I’ve wondered, […]

An old Fiat in Elberton, Washington, near the border with Idaho

The Mayor of Elberton has a lot of old cars and trucks in his front yard, including this adorable 1950’s era Fiat Cabriolet with a very special hood ornament. It even has the keys in the ignition, although that may imply a fair amount of wishful thinking. Having the job of Mayor of Elberton, WA […]

The Barrier is the Gate

This is a Buddhist truism that recently took on an “”of course” subtitle for me. The idea is that what seems to block you is where you’ll find understanding, insight, enlightenment. This isn’t always intuitively obvious. But I was walking the dog the other day and thinking about a recent error I had made. Rose […]


I had the thought recently that we’re asleep a lot of the time. Ideally I’d be asleep about 1/3 of my life, except if there was something in the waking world I really didn’t want to miss. But then there’s the sleeping world. It’s as though it doesn’t exist. Like eating food or going […]